Welcome to ART HUT.

ART HUT was conceived in 1999 by Aporajita Pal Mukerji as an extension of her long-term association with art as a collector, with an aim to ‘nurture the masters of tomorrow’, taking advantage of the opportunities that the internet provided. And true to ART HUT’s aim, Aporajita discovered extremely talented, not-so-well-off artists from across India and put their artworks online for the connoisseurs’ delight. Vetted by art lovers from across the world, these artists over the years have become ‘somebody’ from absolute ‘nobody’.

ART HUT is the platform for a transparent and efficient way of accessing innumerable art forms available in India from across the globe. Art Hut circulates each year hundreds of artworks of established and emerging artists, available for sale along with detailed information on artists and art related events and exhibitions. ART HUT delivers artworks virtually anywhere in the world accompanied by an ART HUT Authenticity Certificate and a Letter of Provenance, if required.

ART HUT is driven by a desire for new challenges. ART HUT was the first to establish the path to selling original artworks online, in India. In 1999 people questioned the audacity of ART HUT's purpose and today almost any and everybody in India dealing in Art, is online.

We at ART HUT have the LEARNING on our side. We can help you on a one-to-one basis, erase your fears, address your doubts, and make you confident Art Connoisseurs. Let us know how we at ART HUT can help YOU build your Art Investment Portfolio – as an individual / as a Company, we would be happy to.

Authenticity Guarantee

ART HUT provides an assurance that each piece of art, which we offer for sale on the site, is a genuine work of the artist listed. All our works of art are sourced directly from the artists and/or artists’ family members. The artworks are further screened and authenticated by affiliated experts.

ART HUT provides a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) against every purchase of an original artwork from the site, signed by the artist (if alive) and countersigned by the Director of Art Hut. If the artist is not alive, the COA is signed by a well-known art historian and a letter of provenance is issued.

Art Hut pioneered the issuing of a Certificate of Authenticity against each sale of an original to facilitate easy re-sale of the artwork in the future. Art Hut was also the first to insist that the Certificate of Authenticity must be signed by the artist and a signature by the Gallery Owner alone did not suffice. The Letter of Provenance accompanied every re-sale to facilitate easy documentation of the journey of each artwork was also started by Art Hut in India.

Our intention was simple – to facilitate easy sale, re-sale of priceless original works of art from the land of India in a professional manner so that the world can cherish what they behold.